These Signs Could Mean Your Hair Is Unhealthy

Hair can be pretty mysterious. I mean, some of us have spent over half of our lives treating it like skin, only to find out that we’re not even supposed to be washing it on the daily. How are we supposed to know if our hair is unhealthy if frequent washes really aren’t good for hair but it took us, what, two decades to figure it out?

1. Split Ends

Split ends are one of the most obvious signs of damaged, unhealthy hair. LINK So make sure to scan your tips on a semi-regular basis to make sure there aren’t two hairs where there should only be one. Keep an eye especially on areas that may be more prone to damage like the hairs around your face that you may touch or style more often.

2. No Shine

Dull or lackluster locks are a sign that your hair could be healthier, as healthy hair cuticles better reflect light than damaged ones

3. More Tangles

If you run your fingers or a brush through your hair, and you can’t make it all the way through without hitting a few snags, it may be because your hair is damaged. When hair is healthy, the cuticles lay flat and strands are able to slide against each other.

4. Less Bounce

Strong and elastic hair is healthy hair. If you hold a strand of hair between your fingers and pull on it, and it does not stretch or easily breaks, it is likely damaged. Healthy hair will not only stretch when pulled, but it will bounce back to its original shape when you let go.

5. Misbehaving Color

If you dye your hair, there are a couple of ways to tell if it’s damaged. The first is how well your hair accepts color. Because damaged hair is more porous, it may absorb too much dye, and turn out darker than expected.