Best Hair Salon for Hair Colors and highlights in Aldergrove



Balayage is a technique that involves your stylist “painting” on the hair color. Color is swept on from top to bottom creating a graduated effect with soft lines that look more natural as your hair grows. Balayage gives your hair a beachy sun-kissed look.


Balayage and Ombre are often confused. Balayage is the technique. Ombre is the look, or style, in which color is darker at the root and gradually lightens toward the tips. Depending on the colors you choose this change can be subtle or quite dramatic.

Foil Highlighting

Opt for foil highlighting for more traditional highlights. This technique sections off bits of hair with foil for strands of a lighter color. For more subtle highlights smaller portions are sectioned off. Larger sections are used for chunky highlights. These sections of lighter hair add dimension and interest to your style.


Lowlights are the opposite of highlights. Instead of lightening strands, lowlights darken them. When combined with highlights the results are simply gorgeous. Lowlights can also be used on their own to add depth to lighter colored hair.

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