Mask with Vibrachrom

Mask with Vibrachrom

Permanent coloring system

Mask with Vibrachrom™ is an innovative permanent cream-based coloring system using technology that is unprecedented in the beauty industry. It allows superior, uniform color penetration in to the hair’s structure, offers extra shine, a high conditioning effect and outstanding duration of the color.

Vibrachrom is an innovative technology created by Davines’ Research laboratories. 

Vibrachrom technology takes the Mask color system into new and improved levels of performance, particularly its capacity to reduce color loss.

– By mixing natural bases with Mask With Vibrachrom reflect nuances, stylists can customize their color formulas — even completely cover white or “salt and pepper” hair.

– You can also change reflects, darken and lighten: up to three levels, up to four levels using the lightenting booster, and up to five levels with Extralifts.

– Only having one mixing ratio and a single processing time simplifies and facilitates the work of the colorist.

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